Luton International Carnival 2019 - LIC19

Luton International Carnival 2019 - LIC19

Posted on behalf of UKCCA - UK Centre for Carnival Arts

Welcome to the 44th Luton International Carnival

Carnival in Luton is an amazing experience for the creative mind. Our main emphasis is to enrich the culture of Luton by presenting the highest quality Carnival Arts in the heart of the community.

This is a special opportunity to showcase and nurture the best talent from our diverse communities.
We are looking for intriguing design ideas and performances to enchant and inspire our audiences within our family friendly atmosphere.

We would like you to use this chance to up your creative game, explore new ways to make your portrayal unique and engaging for your members and captivating for the audience. Let’s use Carnival Arts to inspire and upskill the next generation so that they are ready to contribute to making Luton Carnival 2019, the most amazing spectacle of Carnival ever!

This year you can also view the parade from seats at the judging point, heres your chances to watch carnival in a way never seen before. 

26 May 2019 at 12:00pm
until 26 May 2019 at 4:00pm
Popes Meadow
Old Bedford Road

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